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Reception247 Ltd. takes our responsibility to protect your privacy seriously. This policy briefly describes the personally identifiable information we collect from our customers and prospective customers, and the steps that we take to safeguard this information. By using any of our services, software, or websites you agree to our use of your personal information as set out below.

This policy constitutes part of our Terms of Use and any definitions outlined in that document have the same meaning here.

Collecting your personal information

We receive personal information about you when you:

  • buy a product or service from us
  • contact us by phone, mail, or email
  • visit our website or use our services
  • call or otherwise contact one of our customers

Where appropriate we may also collect information about you from other organizations, for example fraud-prevention agencies, business directories, and credit reference agencies.

We will limit the collection of your personal information to that which is reasonable and necessary: when applicable, with your consent; if we have a legitimate interest in doing so; as authorized or required by law.

Collecting personal information as a service provider

Reception247 Ltd. provides communications services to individuals and organizations who may provide us with personal information about others, for example their customers’ names and phone numbers and how to direct their calls.

Our receptionists may collect personal information from callers on behalf of our customers, including contact information and other information the caller may choose to provide to us.

The personal information we collect

The information we collect about you varies depending on how you use our services. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • your name, address, phone number, IP address, email address, and other information required to verify your identity
  • your credit or debit card information, or other banking and payment information
  • your preferences for particular products and services when you tell us what they are or when we infer what they are
  • your contact with us, including notes or recordings of a call you make to our team, an email or letter you send to us, or other records of any contact you have with us
  • your account information, including details of payments received and account preferences and options you have chosen

We also receive information about how our services are used, including:

  • the phone numbers that we receive calls from or make outgoing calls to
  • the date, time, length, and sometimes content of calls and messages sent and received through our network
  • the date, time, and length of activity on our website and using our software, and the functionality accessed

How we use your personal information

We use your personal information to provision, improve, advertise, and protect our products and services. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • providing the requested products and services to you
  • billing you for using our products and services, and keeping you updated with your purchases’ progress
  • responding to questions, concerns, and other forms of contact you initiate with us
  • keeping you informed generally about new products and services
  • training our staff to provide our services and for quality assurance
  • protecting our software and network to ensure uninterrupted service
  • understanding how you use our network, products, and services to improve and personalize our products
  • detecting and preventing fraud and other crimes

We will store and process your information for as long as required by law. If there is no legal requirement, we will store your information for as long as needed to provide our services. We may also keep some personal information for a reasonable period after your contract has finished to aid in reactivating your account. We or one of our partners may reach out to you during this time.

Sharing your personal information

We may share information about you with:

  • our parent company and companies in the same group
  • partners or agents involved in delivering the services you have requested
  • companies who are engaged to perform services for us or on our behalf
  • debt collection agencies or other debt recovery organizations
  • law enforcement agencies, regulatory organizations, courts, and other public authorities where required or authorized by law

We will release information if it is reasonable for the purpose of protecting us against fraud, defending our rights or property, or to protect the interests of our customers.

If we are reorganized or sold to another organization we may transfer any personal information held about you to that organization.

We may need to transfer your information to other group companies or service providers in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). This may happen if our suppliers, service providers, or customers are based outside the EEA, or if you use our services and products while visiting countries outside this area. If this is the case we will seek to ensure that similar strict security standards apply and that personal information is transferred and stored in accordance with UK and applicable laws.

By submitting your personal information or using our services you agree to the transfer, storage, or processing of your personal information.

Securing your personal information

We have invested in and deployed a variety of technology and security features to protect the privacy of customer information in our network. In addition, we have implemented operational guidelines to safeguard customer privacy throughout the company. We will continue to revise policies and implement additional security features as the emergence of new technologies warrant.

Children’s privacy policy

We do not sell products or services for purchase by children. We do not knowingly solicit or collect identifiable information from minors under the age of eighteen.

If you believe that a minor has disclosed personally identifiable information to us, please contact us so that the information can be removed.


We use cookies and other methods of storing small amounts of data on your phone, tablet, or computer to help us to improve our website and services.

Our use of cookies is strictly in accordance with the rest of this privacy policy to ensure that your rights are respected.

Cookies that measure website use

To help us to optimize our service we measure how visitors use our website and look for areas we can improve.

We use this data anonymously and in aggregate—rather than looking at a specific individual’s actions—and don’t sell the information to third parties.

Cookies that help with our communications and marketing

We use cookies to aid in our marketing efforts. For example, if you found our service through an advert we may record those details.

This helps us to determine how to best direct our marketing efforts.

Strictly necessary cookies

Some cookies are essential for our website to function, for example to remember which customer you are when you sign in to your account.

These cookies cannot be disabled if you want to use our service.

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