Frequently asked questions

Who will be answering my customers’ calls?

Our trained, professional receptionists are local English speakers in the UK. Based on your expected volume of calls we will assign a specific team of receptionists to your account, allowing them to become fully familiarized with your business and your customers’ needs.

What hours can your receptionists cover?

We provide cover to match your business’ needs. Our receptionists can answer all of your calls 24/7, just in or outside of office hours, or we can pick up “overflow” calls when you’re too busy to answer.

How long does it take to get started?

Our typical setup process can be completed the same day, or within 24 hours. If you have more complex requirements we will work with you to get everything set up as quickly as possible.

How can your receptionists help my customers?

Our team provides a friendly, live, human voice to welcome your customers. Our receptionists answer your customers’ questions, take messages, book appointments in your calendar, forward calls according to your rules, and more!

During onboarding we’ll work with you to outline your business’ unique needs and dedicated receptionists will be trained to handle your calls.

What number will my customers call?

You can keep your existing phone number and forward it to us, or we can provide local, international, and toll-free numbers as needed. You can even have multiple numbers that our team answers in different ways; for example separate numbers for sales and support.

Can you work with my existing phone system?

We built our service to be flexible and can integrate with many different types of phone system. If your business has an existing system we’ll work with you during onboarding to make sure your calls are processed in a robust and reliable way.

Do you provide a voicemail service?

Yes! If you receive calls out of hours, if your team is unavailable when we try to forward a call, or if you choose for certain types of calls to be directed to voicemail, we’ll record your customers’ message and provide it to you via email or our website.

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